The talking network.
We make it fun to talk on your phone again!


Less Texting, More Talking

Noisy texts, endless emails and excessive status updates can be exhausting. SayMore believes talking is a better way to truly connect. Our talking network allows you to freely express yourself, to share stories, or simply, to become a better talker!

How SayMore Works


1. Post

Select from a list of curated topics for something interesting to talk about.


2. Choose

Preview user bios before engaging in a topic-driven conversation.


3. Talk

Place free calls in-app. Talk at your convenience!

Product features

People want to talk, SayMore makes it easy.

  • Conversation Starters

    Don’t know what to talk about? Choose topics from our curated list to jumpstart your conversation.

  • Free Calls

    Too good to be true? It’s not! Talk for as long as you want, all for FREE. Just remember to be respectful.

  • Private

    You’re in control. Only place/receive calls to/from users of your choice and your real phone number is never shared.

  • Talk Anytime

    Friends and family unavailable? SayMore’s community is available 24/7. So, go ahead, talk on your time.